Carambola Varieties

From the Horticultural Sciences Department, Florida Cooperative Extension Service
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida

Carambola Varieties Under South Florida Conditions

'Arkins' 'B-2' 'B-10'
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'B-17'Dah Pon''Demak'
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Fig. 5
'Dah Pon'
Fig. 6
'Fuang Tun''Golden Star2''Hew #1'
Fig. 7
'Fwang Tung'
Fig. 8
'Golden Star'
Fig. 9
'Hew #1'
'Kajang''Kary''Shri Kanbangan'
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'Sri Kambangan'
'Team Ma''Wubentou'
Fig. 13
'Team Ma'
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VarietyOriginSize1Sweetness2Color3Comments Rec.4
ArkinFloridaM-LSY-DY-OGood quality and flavorY
B-2MalaysiaM-LSW-LYFair quality and flavorN
B-10MalaysiaM-LSY-DY-OGood quality and flavor. Needs cross pollinationN
B-16MalaysiaM-LSYFair quality and flavorN
B-17MalaysiaM-LSY-DY-OGood quality and flavor. Needs cross pollinationN
Cheng ChuiTaiwanS-MIW-LYPoor quality and flavorN
Dah PonTaiwanM-LIW-LYPoor quality and flavorN
DemakIndonesiaM-LSYPoor quality and bitter aftertasteN
ErlinTaiwanS-MIW-LYPoor quality and flavorN
Fwang TungThailandM-LSW-LYVery good flavorY
Golden StarFloridaM-LTY-DY-O Tart unless picked fully ripeN
Hew-1MalaysiaM-LSYWhitish spots on fruit, good flavorN
KajangHawaiiM-LSY-DY-OGood quality and flavorY
KaryHawaiiM-LSY-DY-OVery good quality and flavorY
LaraFloridaM-LSY-DY-OGood quality and flavorY
MahaMalaysiaM-LIW-LYPoor quality and flavorN
MissTaiwanS-MIW-LYPoor quality and flavorN
PasiTaiwanS-MIW-LYPoor quality and flavorN
Sri KembanganMalaysiaLSY-DY-OGood quality and flavorY
Star KingFloridaM-LTY-DYTartN
Team MaTaiwanM-LIYPoor quality and flavorN
ThayerFloridaM-LTY-DYPoor quality and flavorN
WaiweiTaiwanS-MIW-LYPoor quality and flavorN
WubentouTaiwanS-MIW-LYPoor quality and flavorN

1 S, small; M, medium; L, large.
2 S, sweet; I, insipid; T, tart.
3 Y, yellow; LY, light yellow; DY, dark yellow; O, orange.
4 Rec., recommendation for planting in the home landscape; Y, yes; N, no.

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