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Title Author(s)  Notes
Betrock's PlantFinder Magazine Betrock's Information Systems Magazine
Blueberries for Growers, Gardeners & Promoters Childers, Dr. Norman F. Book
Coconut Odyssey, The pdf 134 pages
Australian Center for International Agricultural Research, Canberra 2003
Foale, Mike Book, available in pdf format online
Complete Book of Bananas, The Lessard, W.O. Book
Edible Front Yard: The Mow-Less, Grow-More Plan for a Beautiful, Bountiful Garden, The Soler, Ivette Book
Edible Landscaping Creasy, Rosalind Book
Florida Gardening Magazine
Florida's Best Fruiting Plants Boning, Charles R. Book
Fruit Hunters, The Gollner, Adam Leith Book
Fruits of Warm Climates Morton, Julia Book is free to read online
Grafter's Handbook, The Garner, R.J. Book
Growing Tasty Tropical Plants in Any Home, Anywhere Martin, Byron E.  Book
How can I use HERBS in my daily life? Shipard, Isabel Book, purchase directly from Australia
Know & Enjoy Tropical Fruit Darley, Jim Book
Manual Of Tropical And Subtropical Fruits Popenoe, Wilson Book is free to read online
Neglected Crops 1492 from a Different Perspective   Food and Agriculture of the United Nations Book is free to read online
Modern Herbal, A Grieve, Maud Book is online, originally published 1931
Square Foot Gardening, All New: Grow More in Less Space      Bartholomew, Mel Book available on website
Traditional Tree Initiative Fact sheets covering fifty of the most important species of the Pacific Islands
Tropical Fruit News Miami Rare Fruit Council International Magazine, six publications per year
Tropical Mangos Campbell, R., Ledesma, N., Campbell, C. Book
Twelve Fruits With Potential Value-Added and Culinary Uses pdf 58 pages
College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Love, Ken., Bowen, Richard  and Fleming, Kent. Book, available in pdf  format online
Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden Reich, Lee PhD.  Book. Timber Press, 2004
available on website

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