Artificial Pollination of Sugar Apple and Atemoya from AgriFoodGateway pdf
Backyard Pollinators: A Teacher's Resource Guide from Cornell University pdf 4 pages
Bee Basics, An Introduction to Our Native Bees from the USDA Forest service pdf 48 pages
Bumble Bees as Pollinators from Clemson University Cooperative Extension pdf
Cross - Pollination Planting Plans from the University of Florida pdf
Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) Hand Pollination Video  ext. link
Flowering and influences on flowering for tropical fruit crops by Dr J H Crane, Tropical Fruit Crop Specialist, University of Florida, IFAS, TREC pdf 75 pages (large file)
Pollination Requirements of Some Tropical Crops from the Archives of the Rare Fruit Council of Australia
Squash and Corn in Small Gardens from the University of Florida pdf
Why We Need Bees from the Natural Resource Defense Center pdf

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